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Aneesh Patel

Software Engineer

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Hello World,

My name's Aneesh Patel and I'm a Software Engineer based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I recently co-created Synapse. You can check it out here.

In 2019, I decided to leave medical school to follow my passions and become a Software Engineer. Ever since then, I've been dedicated to learning new technologies and tackling challenging engineering problems.



Synapse is an open-source tool to build, deploy, and monitor a GraphQL Gateway, putting legacy APIs behind a single GraphQL endpoint. Synapse is able to do this without touching or altering your underlying data sources.

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A GraphQL API Gateway can be quickly made by adding existing data sources in through an intuitive GUI interface.



With just one command, Synapse is automatically deployed onto AWS and able to handle high production traffic.

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All latency and error data from requests can be easily monitored through the Gateway Manager GUI via filterable graphs and tables.

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Other Projects



Timehub is a consolidated hub for all of your time tracking data. It is able to take data from three time tracking APIs and consolidate that data into a unified schema. Once consolidated, Timehub will show all the consolidated data in beautiful easy-to-digest graphs and charts. Timehub was created using Rails (RESTful API), React, ActiveJob, PostgreSQL, and more. To learn more about Timehub, please see our Case Study.


RequestBuddy: a Request Bin style application for collecting and inspecting HTTP/webhook requests built with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and more.

ProjectHub: a full-stack, fully functional project management application (featuring drag and drop and more), built with React, Redux, Express (RESTful API), MongoDB, and more.

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